Getting Kids To Lower Your Utility Bills

Maintaining a household has never been more expensive considering the escalating costs of many utilities. Not only do you have to worry about the food you need to serve everyday but you also have to plan a strategy to pay for the many costs generated by your family. Among them […] Read more »

Getting the Best Windows and Doors

You might not know it, but your windows and doors aren't mere decorations in your house. Aside from keeping the burglars out, and everyone snugly in, your windows and doors are the best way to cool and heat your house naturally. With the right windows and doors, you can save […] Read more »

Auditing Your Insulation

Every household faces a big headache every month. This is when the mail comes and they get to see the bills from various utility companies. Utility bills are no joke. They tend to sum up to a hefty amount of money and it can consume a big bulk of the […] Read more »

Go Green And Save Money

Everywhere you look these days it seems that the main message is, "go green and save money." This is an appealing message for most people as we are constantly warned of the dire consequences of global warming out of control. People want to do their bit to help save the […] Read more »

Prepping Mistakes To Avoid-10 Common Mistakes

Shocking article illustrates some of the amazing mistakes new preppers make.  Excellent advice from an experienced preparation expert. With the abundance of bad info out there, it’s easy for new preppers to make a lot of mistakes. I’ve made many mistakes myself and I’m sure I’ll make more, but that’s […] Read more »

Learn How to Build A Solar Panel

With climate change and global warming now accepted by the majority of people, a lot are starting to do what they can to help the planet in any way they can. Whether that involves making their own compost, recycling cans and newspapers, putting in their own rainwater storage system, or […] Read more »

Planning A Green Christmas

The song tells of a white Christmas, but that refers to the weather and the Christmasy atmosphere that snow can bring. Planning for a green Christmas is all about being environmentally active and aware while saving money as well. In times of economic uncertainty that must surely be a good […] Read more »

Live Green And Save Money

We all want to live green and save money at the same time, and we can too. Kermit the Frog was wrong when he said, "It ain't easy being green." It's really easy, and highly effective too, if you know how. This article will provide you with 5 essential steps […] Read more »